Freezer Meal Plan!

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So I’m due with baby #2 in just a few weeks.  When I had Layne, I did a freezer meal workshop with Tastefully Simple and it was magical having 10 ready to go meals that I didn’t have to think about while adjusting to taking care of a baby!  So, this time around I’m making my own freezer meals.  I wanted to share some of the ones that I chose to make.  I spent about 2 hours yesterday making 8 of these and will spend just a little time today finishing the rest of them.   I would say all in all it took me about 3 hours to get everything done.  Of course grocery shopping took a little time as well.

A lot of the meals that I used were my own.  I also got recommendations for  There are several other ideas on Pinterest and Google!

Skillet/Grilled Freezer Meals

  • Mexican Casserole: Cook and prepare all of the ingredients, except for the cheese.  Place all ingredients into a freezer bag (I always double bag!).  When you are ready to make it, take it out of the freezer, thaw it, and put it in a skillet to reheat.  Once it’s reheated, then sprinkle the cheese on top, put a lid on until it melts and it’s ready to eat!
  • Marinated London Broil: I used a different cut of meat because that’s what they had at the store but that’s okay!  Will be easy to thaw and have my husband grill one night!

Baked Freezer Meals

  • Mexican Lasagna: Cook and prepare the entire lasagna.  Build and place in a casserole dish, cover with saran wrap and a lid if you have one.  Place in the freezer.  When you’re ready to make it, thaw it for a day if you can and then bake it according to the instructions in the recipe.
  • Cheesy Chicken & Veggies Rice Casserole: I followed her instructions by cooking the chicken and rice and mixing all ingredients together.  I Put it in a foil casserole dish and wrapped it in saran wrap and that’s it!  This was more time consuming because of cooking the chicken first, but you could always use a rotisserie chicken to make it faster.  Also, I substituted the sour cream out and used greek yogurt instead.
  • Spinach Lasagna Rollups: These were a bit time consuming because I had to cook the lasagna noodles.  I also chose to add ground turkey breast to the sauce, so I cooked that up first.  Building them took a while, but it’ll be super easy to just cook it in the oven!!

Crockpot Freezer Meals

  • Chili: I cooked the ground beef and added everything else to the bag and froze.  Thaw for a day in the fridge and cook in the crockpot according to instructions.
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup: I threw all ingredients in raw.  Thaw for a day in the fridge then cook in the crockpot according to the recipe.
  • BBQ Chicken Sandwiches.  I threw all ingredients in raw.  Thaw for a day in the fridge then cook in the crockpot according to the recipe.
  • Sloppy Joe’s: This took a little time because I cooked the meat and the veggies first.  But everything else was easy and it’ll be an easy crockpot cook when we are ready to eat it!  Plus it’s loaded with veggies!
  • Pepper Steak: Easy to just throw all ingredients in a bag and freeze!
  • Green Chili Pork Tacos: Another super easy just throw stuff in a bag recipe!  It smells amazing!