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These are just a few testimonials from some of my clients.

Personal Training

“Jackie is very professional, sweet and easy to talk to.  She is very knowledgeable about her business also.  We just did the initial assessment but it was thorough and you can tell she’s passionate about her work.  I’m excited to get started because I have a feeling I’ll see great results with her as my trainer!  Thanks Jackie!”  ~Beth

“ I worked with Jackie for 3 months.  We did various workouts in her home which was convenient as I was apprehensive about going back to my gym (not being in the shape I was before).  She tailored the workouts and meal plans for me, my energy level, my schedule with my kids and also around a knee injury.  This was all very helpful to have such personal attention.  Jackie is extremely positive and motivating.  Her energy is infectious.  She has various equipment in her home.  Jackie is very educated on all aspects of nutrition and fitness.  She also practices what she preaches, ever over halfway along her pregnancy!  I am happy to say that after the time with Jackie I not only lost 4% body fat that but that I also gained not just a trainer, education to take with me to continue my fitness journey, but a wonderful friend too!” ~Elizabeth

Health & Nutrition Coaching

“Jackie is incredible.  She Is passionate about fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle, so she is always willing to help.  I have sought advice from her for everything ranging from workouts to meal plans, and she made it easy for me to change my lifestyle pretty much overnight.  She helped me design a meal and exercise plan that fits my busy schedule.  I actually look forward to exercising and meal planning now, which I never thought was possible!  Her attitude and dedication are contagious, and I am extremely grateful for it because I am already seeing results after just 2 weeks.  My only complaint is that I cannot hire her as my live-in cook J  I know my health and weight loss journey is up to me, but Jackie has made it a whole lot more exciting and possible.” ~Barbie

“Jackie Damp helped me to stay motivated to complete my fitness program.  I’d started several times before, but always quit before I reached my goals.  She helped me stay accountable for what I was eating and for workout out each day.  With her help I managed to not only complete the program, but lose those last few (stubborn!_ pounds of baby weight.  She is very energetic and positive.  I always left our coaching sessions smiling J  I would highly recommend her.” ~Krista

“I participated in Jackie’s 8 week group coaching program.  When I started, my goals were to lose weight, improve my nutrition, and forgive myself when I slip up.  Jackie was able to help me with the goals by teaching me the benefits of meal planning and actually writing it down!  She shared a ton of healthy recipes that I used and were healthy for the whole family.  I learned a lot about sugar intake, its effect on health, and am also more aware of emotional eating triggers and have been able to recognize when they are coming.  I am happy to say that over the course of the program, I lost 8 lbs!  The most significant thing that I got from it was that nutrition makes all the different – that good health and weight loss can happen in the kitchen and I can’t out-exercise bad food choices.  Jackie is very optimistic, kind, knowledgeable, and motivating.  I loved my handouts, the recipes, and even the workouts that she provided on a weekly basis.  Jackie never pressured everyone, but helped us all take baby steps to good health.  Jackie was very well versed on good nutrition and the physiological side of good health.  She really wants everyone to be motivated and optimistic about their health.  I would recommend Jackie to anyone who is looking to improve their health!” ~Lisa

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